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Practice Management (PM)

Practice management software is a powerful tool to streamline the day-to-day administrative operations of your medical practice.  Having PM software will allow you to electronically manage all of the necessary “paperwork” for each patient from start to finish.

  • Appointment Scheduling
    An electronic calendar and scheduling abilities will allow you to easily create and track upcoming patient visits.  Patients can be categorized according to a variety of useful parameters for quick identification and organization.  Automated phone calls can also confirm appointment times and remind patients.
  • Recording New Patient Data
    When a new patient comes for a visit, you can capture and maintain an electronic file with all of their pertinent information, including contact information, employer information, and insurance information.  Information for existing patients can be easily updated or added on your electronic patient database, eliminating the need to spend unnecessary time searching through paper file systems and manually updating information.
  • Visit Charges & Fees
    After a patient visit, you can easily enter into the patient’s electronic file all of the charges that correspond to the services performed.  The correct fees associated with each charge are automatically calculated according to the patient’s insurer and the PM software’s multiple fee schedules, enabling you to immediately begin and submit a paper or electronic insurance claim or prepare a billing statement.
  • Preparing Insurance Claims
    Instead of manually processing patient data and filling out forms, your PM software can electronically prepare insurance claims.  This vastly reduces the processing time as well as the possibility of mistakes due to manual processing, which further helps to speed up and shorten your insurance claim processing cycle.
  • Billing
    If a patient does not have insurance or insurance coverage did not provide complete coverage, PM software can help you print and mail a billing statement and other types of billing correspondence.  A collections module can help you keep track of outstanding items in organized categories (e.g. payable by patient, payable by insurance company) as well as provide customized collections correspondence.  If your medical office requires a large amount of billing, PM software can also interface with third-party statement printing companies to further reduce your administrative burden.
  • Analysis & Reporting
    With all of your patient data on an electronic database that has comprehensive search and manipulation functions, you will have the ability to draw up detailed reports of financial performance, patient demographics and financial histories.  The flexibility of the PM software allows you to analyze your data in standard pre-set reports as well as personal ad-hoc reports.

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